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September 25, 2020

San Diego, September 21, 2020 – Cend Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech company, announced today that it has acquired Impilo Therapeutics, Inc. The combination expands Cend’s drug delivery capabilities to create a unique platform for targeted tissue penetrating delivery of nucleic acid-based medicines to solid tumor cancers.


While antisense and siRNA medicines have reached market for a range of metabolic, neurological and neuro-muscular conditions, none have reached market for anticancer applications. “By combining Impilo with Cend our objective is to address delivery issues that have limited the ability of nucleic acid-based medicines to benefit cancer patients,” commented David Slack, CEO of Cend.


“Cend’s lead asset, CEND-1, has generated encouraging clinical data showing the ability to enhance delivery of standard-of-care chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer patients, and the Company has generated similarly encouraging preclinical results for a variety of therapeutic modalities,” commented Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD, scientific co-founder of Impilo and Director of MIT’s Center for Cancer Nanomedicine.


“With the combination of Cend and Impilo technologies, we have demonstrated unique abilities to deliver antisense, siRNA, microRNA, and immunostimulatory oligonucleotides selectively to

solid tumor cancers and certain immune cells,” commented Frank Slack, PhD, scientific cofounder of Impilo and Director of Harvard’s Initiative for RNA Medicine.


“The scientific founders of Cend and Impilo have collaborated for many years and generated significant publications” commented Cend Executive Chairman, Erkki Ruoslahti. “Cend will

continue to work closely with Impilo’s founders as part of our extended team.”


Via acquisition of Impilo’s assets, the CendR PlatformÔ combines Cend’s clinical-stage targeted tumor penetrating peptide, CEND-1, with additional targeting capabilities. It also brings

nanoparticle technologies, including fusogenic nanoparticles that can deliver high payloads of nucleic acid-based drugs directly into the cytosol compartment of cells.

Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed. Accompanying the acquisition, Sangeeta Bhatia and Frank Slack will join Erkki Ruoslahti, MD, PhD; Tambet Teesalu, PhD; and

Kazuki Sugahara, MD on Cend’s Scientific Advisory Board. Impilo scientific co-founder and Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego, Michael Sailor, PhD will join Cend’s Board of Directors.

About Cend Therapeutics


September 21, 2020
September 15, 2020

San Diego, September 15, 2020 – Cend Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech company, announced the publication of its abstract on the website of the annual meeting of the European Society for Medical Oncology. The poster that includes the detailed results will be presented at the virtual meeting on September 17, 2020.


The poster presenter and the Principal Investigator, Andrew Dean, MD of the St. John of God Hospital , Subiaco, Australia. Dr. Dean commented: “This first-in-human clinical study with CEND-1 provides encouraging results and highlights potential to enhance delivery of standard-of-care therapy for patients with metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).“


“Inability to target delivery of drugs to primary tumor and metastases represents a significant factor limiting successful treatment of pancreatic cancer patients, who represent a high-need patient population. Our aim with CEND-1 is to provide a new tumor-targeted penetration capability to improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients,” commented Harri Jarvelainen, Chief Operating Officer at Cend Therapeutics.


The details of the poster are as follows:
Title: Phase I trial of the first-in-class agent CEND-1 in combination with gemcitabine and nab-paclitaxel in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer
Presentation Number: 1528P
Speaker: Andrew Dean (Subiaco, WA, Australia)
Date: 17.09.2020

About Cend Therapeutics


Cend is a clinical-stage biotech company focused on a novel approach to enhance and more selectively deliver treatments for solid tumor cancers. Poor penetration of drugs into tumors is a major issue in cancer therapy as it limits access and therefore efficacy of current therapies. The CendR Platform™ provides a targeted tissue penetration capability to specifically enhance drug delivery to tumors.